Inside a Great Thought

 Inside a Great Thought

Welcome to some pictures of my mind.

When I started painting again, after long years of doing other art forms, I was totally fascinated by the effects of moving paint.

Flowing, running, oozing across the canvas and interacting with other colors in unforeseeable ways.  I was enthralled! The paintings were always a delicious surprise and I found it was better not to have a desired outcome.

But it seems that I can have a desired intention. And I started to see that the paintings represented things that were going on in my head. See more on the about page.

Please come back and look through my gallery whenever you think of it and see if a painting is calling to you. If it wants to come and be with you and change the energy of your home and your life. I will be adding paintings regularly. My intention is that all will be inspiring and uplifting, but in different ways, and they will call to different people.

All the paintings are done in acrylic on canvas and have been varnished with UV protective varnish for long life. My signature and the title are on the back of the canvas.

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