When I began doing these flowing images I asked my Inner Vision what these paintings were and I got that they were an infinitely simplified picture of the states of my mind as I was creating. So I became more careful to meditate and open to Spirit before I started my work in the studio and I gradually have become able to intend a mind or heart state that then comes alive on the canvas.

Have you seen those amazing animations of the workings of the brain? They are cartoons in comparison to what is really going on.

There has been new research on the mind that shows our mind is not only in our head but in our hearts – one of the TED talks I have seen lately showed it, but it was something I had intuitively known for years.

So when I say mind, what I am talking about is the head/heart matrix that we all have and, when we are listening to it’s song, our lives flow downstream easily in effortless harmony. Unfortunately when we close our eyes, ears and heart to it’s song, the flow turns into mud, with hidden snags and waiting crocodiles.

Since my main preoccupation for many years has been healing of various kinds, I know that energy can heal and I know that art has a truly powerful energy that connects us to home – here on the Earth circling through the incredible Universe.

So my thoughts turned to using the energy of this art as a kind of healing. I know the original paintings hold that energy. It remains to be seen if the prints will do the same. No harm in trying, right?

I live in California near the sea with my dog, Dragon and I am painting almost every day. I think painting, like gardening and music make for a long and happy life.
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