Excitement or anger, both are great feelings to have pass through us!

When there is a flame inside us we feel more vibrantly alive, whether it is a new attraction, excitement or anger. It can feel explosive and jumpstart us out of apathy, waking us up to new possibilities.

As an Aries, I love this feeling, it fuels my creativity. I haven’t done much art with these colors, thinking they would be hard to fit into people’s decor. But I’m over that now! Spirit said I don’t have to worry about decor. This art is going to be about waking up and doesn’t have to match the couch 😉 I’m excited to do a bigger canvas with these colors now.

The original work is 11 x 14 x 5/8 inches on stretched canvas needing no frame.

I will be connecting to a Print on Demand company to create prints from my images soon. In the meantime you could buy the original for $70.00 plus $13.00 shipping by clicking Add to Cart

My shopping cart is very reliable and the charge on your card will say Healthyover50.com. That is my parent company.

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