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Message from my Inner Wisdom inviting me to look at something anew, with fresh eyes and perspective.

There is bronze and bright golden yellow in this painting that made me feel my inner center.

Tide Pools of the mind. Thoughts flow in and out like the ocean and beliefs are the rocks…..

Idea Explosion – I get new ideas constantly, like a flashbulb going off in my head and I think this is what it looks like.

Powerful Choices – All the swirling and blending when the different factors come together until everything becomes clear and powerful.

Inner Waterfall – There is a huge amount of stimulus and information coming at us in every nanosecond…

This is what my brain looks like on the inside when I’m charging ahead with an idea in my grasp, not looking to any other side.

Mind at Twilight – Twilight is the time between the worlds, moving into surrender to the night.

Cupcake Replacement – whatever charge you get from sugar you could possibly get from looking at beautiful colors and patterns.

Inside a Great Thought – I love imagining that this is how our creative process works.

Flame in the Heart – like a wild campfire warming your life.

New Beginnings -This is the turbulence of something new getting ignited in the brain.

My mind felt totally serene while I was doing this painting. I had a huge sense of well-being!

Flame Within – this is the color of passion and passion is what makes life worth living.

Excitement in the Air – heavily textured small painting with big energy.

Cavern of the MInd – This painting has an amazing texture. It makes me want to touch it.

Plunging into Peace – the ocean brings me peace in all her moods.

Green always connects me to the Earth and makes me feel like I belong here on this planet.

The Peaceful Mind – In this painting you can clearly see the calmness of the mind. Perhaps a time given to gratitude and acceptance.

Flowing to the Light – I imagined all the light that surrounds us all the time on this planet…