Acrylic painting on canvas

There is a huge amount of stimulus and information coming at us in every nanosecond, flooding all of our neurons with sensations. The flood creates an area of splashing, leaping and flowing before it settles down into something we can actually understand.

That’s why no two people EVER see the same thing. We all see with our own inner vision and make sense of what we see by using our own filters and beliefs. I always ask to see clearly but I don’t ever imagine that will help me see what anyone else sees.

This was a revelation for my development! Growing up in England I was taught there was one right and proper way to do and to be and a zillion other ways that were NOT proper. That’s why I left at 18 😉 I’m so glad I was able to toss that belief out of the canoe along the way.

The original work is 18 x 18 x 1 1/2 inches on stretched canvas needing no frame.

I will be connecting to a Print on Demand company to create prints from my images soon. In the meantime you could buy the original for $300.00 plus $15.00 shipping by clicking Add to Cart
I only ship to the US right now.

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