This is a work-in-progress from yesterday. I have finally got the website up and working,  I’ve put a few images on for prints and I’ve got a small portfolio on the Abstract Art Collective. I feel satisfied with my online presence for a while, and now I am back to painting.

This one needs some touching up and the sides need to be finished but I love it. I seem to be getting looser with every painting I do. I will have to keep this one though. I can hardly bear to give any of them up for a while after I do them. I have them all sitting around in my living room to dry and I sit for an hour before bed listening to Audible books or music and enjoying them.

They are all so much more energetic in person. Pictures take the texture and the zap out of them. I may have to rethink my plan of selling prints.

Painting makes me feel so happy. And this one especially. It’s like the feeling I get of awe and wonder at the beauty there is in the world, in every leaf or flower or smile.